Sell your pre-owned watch in a quick, accurate, and easy way with us. Forget frustrating and time-consuming negotiations and cold leads with online forums or social networks, or pawn shops that may not provide you an accurate appraisal for the price your watch deserves.

At Wing Sing Gallery, it is simple and hassle-free with these few steps so that you can quickly deal, sell your watch, and get paid!

1. Contact us at +016-656 6765

2. Send us your watch details

Photos: front and back of watch (make sure it is not blurry), relevant documents (records, receipts, etc.), box

Other Details: watch/reference number

3. With the information given, we will provide you an estimated value range*

4. Visit us at our outlet here for further inspection and appraisal of your watch. We will then provide you a final price.

5. Once you have agreed to our offered price, you may choose to receive payment in the form of cash, online bank transfer, or cheque.

*Estimated value range is only based on available information provided to us. It is not an authentication or a final price curation/valuation of your watch, and is subject to our further inspection by our in-house appraisers.


We are an established watch shop that buys and sells both new and pre-owned watched including contemporary popular timpieces to rare collectibles. Our experienced appraisers have dedicated years in the business with great experience in handling, repairing, and renewing watches. Real or fake? They are able to tell precisely if any compatible or replica parts are replaced in a timepiece. We will provide the best possible offer to specially curated for you.